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Shlenker school Logo

The underlying goal of Rakia mission is to recognize the prospective benefits of space exploration. Its purpose is to draw on the curiosity associated with human space travel and to unleash its creative potential by raising awareness to the importance of preserving Earth’s limited resources and fostering a commitment to international collaborations and the advancement of space research.
Eytan Stibbe accepted the request to take this logo with him to space in April 2022. During his months of training at JSC NASA, 3 of his grandchildren spent the year in Shlenker and enjoyed the school's team dedication to encourage curiosity, awareness, and knowledge.
This logo has joined the journey of 17 days, one hour and 37 minutes in space, orbiting the Earth 273 times at an altitude of 250 miles at nearly 17,500 mph, traveling over seven million miles in total.

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