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Calls for Space Activities


31 March 2024

Submission due date:

Rakia Mission Call for Proposals for Scientific and Technology Research Onboard the International Space Station

This Rakia Mission Call for Proposals (RMCP), issued by both the Rakia Mission and the Israel Space Agency, at the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology solicits scientific and technology research proposals to be conducted in the microgravity environment onboard the International Space Station, both autonomous and astronaut-operation-needed activities.

This solicitation will consider ANY area of science/technology which can be performed at the International Space Station, with the exception of clinical studies that involve sample collections from astronauts, inclusive of blood, urine, and stool. A separate call for proposals for clinical studies will be published.

Watch a webinar with experts from Axiom Space to learn about the options and facilities for conducting research at the space station:

*Rakia Mission will offer funding of up to 50% of the expenses associated with launching selected experiments to space. Eligible proposals meeting the criteria will be considered for this support, subject to Rakia's discretion.

21 September 2023

Publication date:

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