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Vacuum-Arc-Thruster - demonstration and proof of drive through VAT technology in space

Chief researcher: Dr. Igal Kronhaus
Partners: Space Plasmatics

The experimental system is a propulsion module for miniature satellites, enabling maneuvering capabilities in space. The propulsion module is based on electric arc propulsion with a snail-feed system (ISF-VAT), which has been developed over the past six years in the Asher Space Research Institute and is being commercialized by Space Plasmatics. The experiment is the first space-based demonstration of this motor.

The experiment took place outside the International Space Station, inside the Alpha Space Company's MISSE facility, running the motor for 24 hours. The data collected included video images of the engine’s tailpipe fire, power and temperature measurements. At the end of the experiment, the propulsion module was returned to Earth for a closer examination in a laboratory.

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