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The Power of Moringa - Winner of the finals in the Spacelab 2021 Contest – AMIT Yeshiva, Tzfat

The AMIT Tzfat School as part of the Ramon Foundation’s SpaceLab Program with Dr. Shai Bel's Lab, Faculty of Medicine Bar-Ilan University

The experiment examines the feasibility of using Moringa seeds powder (which absorbs the contaminants) and pieces of copper (which act as a bactericide) to purify water in the spacecraft. This is a simple, cost-effective way of purifying water instead of the currently-used methods. If we are successful in purifying water using the Moringa seeds and the copper, we will be able to apply this method to long-term space missions and for use in the Space Station. We will also be able to improve water purification in developing countries. If the plant successfully grows in the space station or even on Mars, the superfood would be a major scientific breakthrough in the global water crisis.

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