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Space Hummus - Feasibility check on sprouting hummus in a state of microgravity, and controlling the pace of growth for future moon-based colonies

Chief researcher: Dr. Yonatan Weintraub, Stanford University
Strauss, Sabra, Haifa Group, PillCam, the Goldberg Family, Canada, D-MARS, the Yeroham Science Center, Moon2Mars Ventures and Aviv Labs

Plant-based life-support systems are a strategic component in long space flights and in moon and mars settlement, for the production of oxygen and food. The main obstacle to small-scale ecosystems is the ability to stabilize the system and prevent an ecological failure. The long-term goal of the experiment is to use synthetic biology and optogenetics to directly manipulate the plant’s intracellular paths using light.

Eytan Stibbe will demonstrate the basic technology and biology necessary to control an optogenetic system on hummus beans. Tools developed under this proposal might be useful in sustaining life on the moon and beyond.

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