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Reflective Eye Test - an eye test using a specially-developed app

Prof. Uri Polat, Bar-Ilan University
Partners: Prof. Yossi Mandel, Bar-Ilan University, and Dr. Israel Shenkar, Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI)

Prolonged exposure to microgravity during space missions can damage eyesight and cause Neuro-ophthalmic syndrome. The reported symptoms include degraded vision, changes in the optic nerve, in the retina, and a change in the refractive error. The research during the Rakia space mission, by Bar-Ilan University together with the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute, is intended to examine the effects of microgravity on visual function, through testing functional vision digitally on a tablet computer. The tests are going to be integrated within existing tried and tested technology under sponsorship of the Cortex Therapeutics (Glassesoff) Company.

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