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Optimizing Brain Function In Space With Remote EEG & Neurofeedback - Demonstrate remote EEG & neurofeedback for monitoring / optimizing astronaut brain health is a new practical, efficacious countermeasure.

Dr. Glen Doniger, Scientific Director Aziz Kaddan, Anas Abu-Mukh

The rigors of extended spaceflight demand optimal functioning despite exposure to foreign elements like microgravity and radiation. NASA’s Human Research Roadmap prioritized identifying methods to counteract deleterious effects of space hazards on cognition and behavior. EEG-based neurofeedback has consistently been shown to improve brain health in high-performers (athletes, surgeons). This proposal seeks to apply Myndlift remote neurofeedback to enhance astronaut brain health. Assessments will characterize the human EEG as recorded in space and track neurofeedback-related EEG, cognitive, and mental health changes. Data will be used to devise a peak performance regimen for periodic application on long-duration missions (as to Mars).

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