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Ocular Imaging - real-time ocular imaging under conditions of microgravity to diagnose medical problems

Prof. Ygal Rotenstreich, Sheba Medical Center Tel HaShomer
Prof. Haim Suchowski, Tel Aviv University

High-resolution imaging of the anterior segment of the eye using a slit-track will enable real-time early identification of pathologies of the eyes, the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system, which occur in over 70% of all astronauts. Space research on the Rakia Mission, together with the Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv University, along with professional advice from the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute, will be documenting the astronauts’ eyes using the Slit-Track pre-flight, while on the Space Station and following their return to Earth. The images will be analyzed using advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning to detect temporal and spatial changes in the anterior of the eye. The experiment will lead to a greater understanding of the physiological changes taking place in the human body while in space. The SLIT-TRACK system is expected to help with early detection and monitoring of the state of the astronauts’ health on future Mars missions and for remote medicine on Earth.

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