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Nano Ghosts - Winner of the finals in the Spacelab 2021 Contest – Dekel Vilnai, Ma’ale Adumim

The Dekel Vilnai, Ma’ale Adumim School is part of the Ramon Foundation’s SpaceLab Program with Prof. Marcelle Machluf's Lab, Technion

Nano Ghosts are nanometric cells (nanometer - a length unit of measure equal to one billionth of a meter), which are extracted from mesenchymal stem cell membranes (stem cells are the cells which have not yet specialized into a specific kind of tissue). They are present in each organ and fulfill three functions:
1. To heal an injured organ in the body itself
2. To produce materials which help other cells to survive and divide
3. To arrest immune reactions, in other words - to help stop the spread of infections

In this experiment, we've examined how microgravity affects nano ghosts when they are coated in PEG polymer.

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