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IAMI-MEDINFUZE - IvyLife™ medical intravenous transfusion pump for space missions

Dr. Ami Glicksman, Dr. Eran Schenker

Intravenous infusion (IV) pumps will become increasingly critical as lifesaving equipment with space travel involving more extended and more adventurous missions. This MedInfuze space study, as part of Rakia mission, with the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI) collaboration, validates the use of a gravity-independent IV pump in a microgravity environment. The device is fully programmable, miniature (150g), battery-operated, and remotely controlled. The space study will demonstrate the function of the IvyLife™ pump by executing predefined medical scenarios that will transfuse fluid from a standard IV set into three empty IV bags simulating acute patients' treatment.

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