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Iami-Cardiacsence - Wristwatch Monitor for Heart Conditions and Vital Signs in Space Missions

Dr. Eran Schenker, Eldad Shemesh, Meni Itzhak

NASA monitors its astronauts’ vital signs in orbit 24/7, aiming both to learn new information about how human bodies adapt to microgravity as well as to keep track of their health day-to-day. Israeli CardiacSense medical watch integrates proprietary patent-protected sensors and software algorithms to provide measurement of parameters such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure, at CE and FDA-mandated accuracies – providing an alternative to invasive devices. Part of Rakia mission with the collaboration of CardiacSense and the Israel Aerospace Medicine Institute (IAMI), we aim to utilize the use the advanced portable device to monitor crewmember health in space flight.

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