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COTS-CAPSULE - development of a device for protecting space-based systems against cosmic radiation

Chief researcher: Yoav Simhoni, Tel Aviv University
Partners: University Tel Aviv, Israel Aerospace Industries, Afeka College

The capsule mission, was launched in the International Space Station, as part of a research program for an innovative space-based device. The device will enable use of commercial electronics in a space environment and will provide protection against the damage caused by cosmic radiation. The capsule device has the potential to revolutionize the satellite industry. It will have a significant financial effect. The device will enable advanced electronic components to be used in a space environment, substantially shortening the lead times and costs of development of space-grade products.
The capsule mission, as part of the Rakia program, has provided a rare opportunity to examine the building blocks of this technology in space. Alongside academic research, this activity and the research subject are leveraged in favor of advancing an educational-scientific space and radiation program.

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