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Cosmo Cell Power System - Demonstrate current and heat generation from cosmic radiation via ceramic panel
printed cell type pattern with a conductive ink consisting of copper nanoparticles

Ira Perelshtein-Elbaz, Miri Trinin Gil Koren Hanan Shwarzman Rinat Abrahami-Kerneil Gadi Gonen

Our project's aim was to prove the feasibility of generating electricity and heat from cosmic rays in space using a Cosmo Cell Power system. Cosmo Cell Power system – ceramic panels printed with a conductive ink consisting of copper nanoparticles. We worked to utilize cosmic radiation and convert it to electric energy and heat which will be used in the far and shadowed areas of space and will be considered also as an alternative energy source both in space and on earth. In the future we plan to combine our cells together with solar cells on a spacecraft, to use cosmic energy (available everywhere in space, coming from different sources, even planets with strong magnetic fields generate cosmic rays) as an energy source that will maximize the production of electricity and enable spacecraft longer lifetime and both man and equipment shielding from cosmic radiation. If successful, it may will open new routes to generate clean energy on earth as well.

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