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Painting in Space

About the Art Work

The concept of the space paintings project is a reference to Eytan's gaze and respectively the gaze through the camera from the ISS. It is an image from the outside world, a new and unexpected point of view, scientifically distant, a supposedly neutral view of the world.

This point of view stands in contrast to the physical and material in which the artist is immersed or imprisoned, the world of limitations and gravity versus the world of the astronaut's levitation.

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Asad Azi

About the artists

Asad Azi

Asad Azi

Prof. Asad Azi is an Israeli painter. His work is influenced by the desire for human and political personal identity. His works have been exhibited in many galleries and museums in Israel and abroad, and are in many collections, including the Israel Museum of Jerusalem Collection, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Collection and the Haifa City Museum.
Azi was born and raised in Shefer-Am. Graduate of the University of Haifa, holds a master's degree from Tel Aviv University and holds a degree as an associate professor from the Council for Higher Education in Israel and Beit Berl College.

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