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Nothing in Space

About the Art Work

Throughout the twentieth century, space flight has come to symbolize mankind’s resourcefulness. It is synonymous with man’s heroic ability to shatter one boundary after another - geographic, technological, scientific, conceptual, physical and biological. Astronauts have become the elite crack squad of the human spirit, fit for operating mankind’s most sublime machine that transports the best of men and women as our vanguard, on a journey to meet the destiny of humanity.
The responsibility is formidable, the costs high; task-mindedness is the language, efficiency is an imperative. Time is money and time in space comes with a particularly prohibitive premium.

“Nothing in Space” is a camera performance; a symbolic act of undeniable excess. In this performance, Eytan will be pausing all of his routine pursuits for one hour, during which he will not shut his eyes; he will not talk or engage in conversation; he will not read, write, eat, drink or engage in any other kind of activity. He will remain motionless, save for the involuntary motion caused by weightlessness.
Through his very being he will manifest the opposite of his mission, he will be but he will not do.

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Ohad Fishof

About the artists

Ohad Fishof

Ohad Fishof

Ohad Fishof is a multidisciplinary artist whose works combine dance, sound, video, performance and writing. He has an MA in dance from the Rudolf Laban Institute of Movement Studies. His works have been exhibited, among other places, in England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Norway, the United States, Switzerland, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Turkey and Israel, and also in the Israel pavilion at the 2001 Venice Biennale, as part of Uri Katzenstein’s "Home" project. Awarded the Minister of Culture Award for 2015 and the Rappaport Award for 2021. Senior Gaga teacher - the Ohad Naharin language of motion. Teaches at Betzalel and at the Beit Berl College of Arts.


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