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Gravity Drama!

About the Art Work

Gravity Drama! Yael Frank’s new work suggests the creation of an artistic experience for the astronauts, tailored to their circumstances. This is a digital-theatrical work, which animates the objects in the Space Station through “planting” absurd scenes within the given space.
The virtual appearance of pointless objects and situations, devoid of any logic, within the hyper mechanized, monitored and computerized environment, in which every moment, every inch is used for research and for humanity’s advancement, seeks to face off the micro-culture and the micro-science in a broader sense, in order to pose the question - is it possible to create a “greedy” cultural experience in the austere, functionality and extreme environment of scientific human presence in space?

Through scanning codes, which will be spread throughout the Station, an app will be activated, enabling us to experience the various scenes and objects through an iPad screen simulating live video photography of the zone toward which the camera is directed. This way the entire Space Station actually becomes a virtual work of art.

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Yael Frank

About the artists

Yael Frank

Yael Frank

Yael Frank is a multidisciplinary artist working in video, sculpture and text installations. Her humorous projects examine the presence of fictional political emotional consequences, and the way they proposedly affect ready-made objects. Frank received her MFA from the Bezalel Art Academy and her BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art in New York. She is the recipient of awards and grants such as the Anslem Kiefer Award by the Wolf Fund, The Keshet Award for Contemporary Art, the Artis Project Grant, The Ostrovsky Family Fund Grant, and the Rabinovitch Foundation Fund for Art among others. Frank shows her work internationally in galleries and institutions such as The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, House of Art Brno, FuturDome Milano, Zachęta National Gallery of Art Warsaw, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, The Center for Digital Art, and more.


Photo by Ella Litwitz

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