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Correspondence - A Visual Journey Diary

About the Art Work

Eytan’s mission is taking him to a place whose designation is scientific, rational, a laboratory in search of answers to questions. Man’s presence beyond Earth fascinates me. It raises questions about our very existence - ideas and sentiments which transcend the boundaries of space and time. In my work I create idea-based visual images. I feed off text and intuitively I respond in an illustrated image. This is how I interpret reality for myself, the way I mediate it to the world.
I choose to focus on the dimensions of consciousness and the dimensions which are non-conscious.

During the preparatory stages for the flight, during the flight itself, while in space and en route back to Earth. Eytan and I will be maintaining a dialog, which is going to be based on questions I will be posing to him. His answers will form the inspiration for my illustrated responses.
Following that I will be processing them into illustrated and painted images, which I will be beaming back to Eytan in real-time. This exchange of letters and drawings will be taking place in that place between where Eytan will be hovering on the Station in space, and my home in Tel Aviv.

This exchange of space letters is intended to create a visual documentation of his journey from Earth to space and back.

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Izhar Cohen

About the artists

Izhar Cohen

Izhar Cohen

Yizhar Cohen, a graduate of the Betzalel Academy, Jerusalem. St. Martin, London and Art-Deco, Paris. Since the early 1980s, Yizhar has been an illustrator in the Israeli and international press. His illustrations get published in Yedioth Aharonoth, Globes, Calcalist, The Sunday Times, The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and many many more publications. The Rolling Stones, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Skeptic Magazine, he has illustrated children’s books for Dial, David Bennet, Pavillion, Mathew Price, Gallimard, Walker and he has designed a series of postage stamps for the British Royal Mail Group. Creates engravings in metal and wood. Designed the Five Senses Garden in Holon, drew a ceramic wall at the Sonsbeeck Swimming Pool in Breda, Holland. Has exhibited in solo exhibitions in The Netherlands, London, Paris and Israel and has taken art in group exhibitions in Israel and worldwide. Among the scholarships he has been awarded: The America-Israel Cultural Foundation, The British Council, UNESCO Scholarship for Young Artists, The Winkler Foundation, and awarded the Victoria & Albert Award for illustration.


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