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A Sound Guide to the International Space Station

About the Art Work

Through observing various sections of the Space Station, Maayan has noticed the Station’s unique soundscape. The sounds of the various motors, the differences in the acoustic quality and the reverberations among the various modules, as well as the intriguing human tapestry on board.

This work suggests an album which, on the one hand, will be a documentation of the sounds of life on board the Station and of the on-board crew, while on the other hand it will be an audio expedition through the Space Station for the earthbound listener.
The sound will be assembled from several sources, beginning with recordings within the Space Station itself, use of the ongoing communication between the Station and the various control centers and through to processing data and sonification of part of the scientific experiments.

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Maayan Tsadka

About the artists

Maayan Tsadka

Maayan Tsadka

Maayan Tzdaka - Composer, Sound Artist, Improviser, Sound Explorer, and Teacher. At the root of all her works is an attempt to extract an understanding of the nature of sound, its behavior, acoustic ways of organization, and its environmental and social roles. Maayan is interested in uncovering and amplifying layers and musical patterns—hidden, inherent structures— which occur acoustically, as well as in an exploration of the ways in which the sonic phenomena meet the physiology of the ear and the psychology of listening. Often, Maayan’s work incorporates a dimension of imaginary and speculative sonic worlds, on the line between crypto-zoology, crypto-botany, and futuristic folklore. Current fields of research and creative work include prehistoric harmony, sonic taxonomy, sound as a museal exhibit, tuning systems, sonic botany, underwater sounds, field recordings, and echo/resonance in musical, natural, political, and social contexts. Maayan completed a DMA in music composition from UC Santa Cruz. She currently teaches at the School of the Arts in Haifa University and in Sapir College. Research fellow at the Morris Kahn Marine Research Station, Charney School of Marine Sciences, Haifa University.


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