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Fresh Green in Space - cultivation of duckweeds in microgravity

Dr. Dubi Shachal, GreenOnyx LTD

Duckweeds are the most promising greens for space agriculture. They are very rich in vital phytonutrients, and they feature an extremely rapid growth rate, with their biomass doubling every 48-72 hours. They are the most highly efficient in terms of cultivation resources and the entire plant is edible. The GreenOnyx company has developed sterile, automatic autonomous systems for cultivating the duckweeds based on real-time closed-circuit control featuring image processing of the growing plant culture. This control improves the output, quality and safety of consuming the greens. With this unique control system, we intend to study the growth performance of the plants in microgravity. We will also be studying the flavor experience of fresh duckweed plants under microgravity.

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