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Examination of the applicability of amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) for prolonging human endurance in space

Dr. Yigal Bloom, Yossi Ben, Moti Tikochinski, Orit Ikar, Sarah Neumann, Yossi Yamin, Amorphical and the SpacePharma team.

The 21st century will be focused on extraterrestrial opportunities, which are going to enable scientific studies and, in future, settlement in space. One of the challenges humans are dealing with in realizing this ambition is how to overcome loss of bone mass and muscle mass, which occur as a consequence of prolonged (more than 6 months) stays in microgravity.

Amorphical manufactures a unique amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC) formula, which clinical and para-clinical studies have proven significantly improved absorption of the product, compared with other solutions and accordingly an increase in bone mass and in muscle mass.

The experiment was carried out through a Lab on a Chip, in part of which are going to be human muscle cells (trial and control) and in another part of which will be human bone cells (likewise), to which media will be sent containing ACC. The differentiation of the cells were examined - with and without amorphous calcium carbonate. The experiment was conducted by SpacePharma, which specializes in space-based biological experiments.

This is a follow-on experiment to a previous one conducted through the Ramon Foundation’s Spacelab Project about five years ago, which used bone cells taken from a mouse.

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